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Anti Allergy Pillows Are the Best Kinds of Pillows According to Allergists

Posted by admin | Posted in Reviews | Posted on 07-10-2016


If you are having allergies, you can definitely really benefit from anti allergy pillows. These pillows can help you sleep quicker and better, and not disturbed by runny nose and nasal congestion. Thankfully, more and more manufacturers like Luxura are now manufacturing quality non allergenic pillows. These pillows are not attractive to dust mites. As we all know, dust mites are among the main reasons for allergies. For those suffering from allergies, the nature of their allergies needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a pillow. But the advantage of hypoallergenic pillows is that they are suitable for everybody regardless of the kind of allergy they may have.

Cause of Allergies – House Dust and Dust Mites

House dust is a common cause of allergies. Research shows that household dust can easily cause a person to sneeze and get itchy eyes. This is because they consist of tiny allergy-causing particles, including molds, pollens, pet danders, and cockroach waste.

Dust mites, however, are microscopic creatures that look like spiders. These types of creatures inhabit blankets, padded furniture, curtains, blankets, and of course, pillows unless they are hypoallergenic pillows. Normally, dust mites can be found in humid places. They also feed off the sheds of our skin. It is the waste elements of dust mites that cause extreme allergies on people.

Necessary Lifestyle Changes

Making the necessary changes to your sleeping routines and your chosen lifestyle on the whole can help lessen your allergic reactions to dust mites, according to sleep professionals. For instance, use bedding that is neither down or wool because such materials are incredibly attractive to dust mites.

Also, it is smart to use covers or casings for your allergy pillows and mattress to shield them from dust mites. Plastic covers do a good job in keeping dust mites off your pillows and bed linens. Be sure you launder your pillows and bed linens frequently. It is recommended to wash a non allergenic pillow in warm water and toss it into the dryer instead of simply air-drying them.

Cleaning with a damp cloth will also help reduce or even totally wipe out dust mites. You won’t want to use a feather duster because this will just leave dust mites flying in the air. You must also find time to vacuum your bed and carpet to minimize dust mites in your bedroom. Keeping the bed room clutter-free is important so that dust mites will get no place to stay and multiply in.

Why Anti Allergy Pillows Are Highly Recommended?

Hypoallergenic pillows are perfect if you want to be shielded from allergens including dust mites. You can get a great anti allergy pillow from Luxura, which does not require an additional casing or cover. With regard to washing hypoallergenic pillows, you can wash them in your washer, so you won’t find it complex.

You may also choose among numerous shapes and forms of anti allergy pillows. Visit Luxura UK to find the right type of anti allergy pillows for your family.

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