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Edu/Gov Backlinks Service – Edu/Gov Blog Commenting Lists

High Authority Backlinks : EDU/GOV Backlinks Service – Blog Commenting Services

High Authority Backlinks

Edu/Gov backlinks have more weight on google’s eyes since they are trusted highly by search engine like google than other backlinks. Backlinks from edu domains can be considered as high quality authority backlinks which can help to increase ranking of websites.

Search Engine like google will consider edu/gov backlinks as trusted and respected backlinks since they are representatives of education websites and government websites. It means these backlinks are very valuable and trusted. They are not easy to be spammed and to be linked with.

These backlinks have high authority value for increasing ranking in search engines. And this is also tested with many successful websites. Your website’s ranking will be increased gradually because backlinks from edu/gov websites have heavy weight with good impact on terms of search engines; and we can know that one link from edu/gov backlink will be equal to more than 10 or 20 regular links.

Want to make your website unique and good ranking on search results? Try our edu/gov backlinks service and see how your ranking will be increased gradually. Most of our backlinks from Edu domains are indexed naturally by google.

Our Features:

- EDU, GOV Blog Commenting (Dofollow and Nofollow) (PR5-PR0) with (OBL<50)
- Not EDU.XXX, GOV.XXX Links
- Guaranteed low OBL, no pharmacy, porn, gambling links and other prohibited links
- Above 90% stick rate on homepage, not paginated
- Dofollow/Nofollow Blog comment (PR5-PR0)

Our Packages

EDU, GOV BLOG COMMENTING (PR0-PR5) Dofollow & Nofollow (OBL<50)

Package 1
50 edu, gov. blog commenting (Pr0-Pr5)
Price: 16$

Package 2
100 edu, gov. blog commenting (Pr0-Pr5)
Price: 32$

Package 3
130 edu, gov. blog commenting (Pr0-Pr5)
Price: 42$

Package 4
150 edu, gov. blog commenting (Pr0-Pr5)
Price: 52$

How to place order:
Just click on order payment button and make payment on package that you want to order. And send us your details at Xhowtomakemoneyonline@gmail.com (not paypal id)

Details needed:
* The URL of your domain
* Keywords
* An email address that you want us to send report to

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