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How to make a youtube background

How to make a youtube background:

You DO have a YouTube channel, but not cool? Want to have a cool background for your channel? Want to draw more attention to your video and get more potential customers? Follow our guidelines to know how to create a cool theme for your own channel.

It is lucky for users to do the customization of their personal profile through the uploading of a background image. Like other social websites, users can apply the edition and modification for the profile’s colour scheme.

Step 1

* First, you need to figure out what theme you like to do for your youtube channel background.

* Choose the suitable color that will go well with your favorite and your channel.

* Second, customize the theme and measure the appropriate size.

* Lastly, make sure everything is fitted to your design.

Step 2

* There are three ways to create attractive background for your channel.

* You can use an existing one and customize it into your own Taste.

* Or you can start from scratch to make your own favorite.

* Or you can contact us to create an attractive youtube background at cheap price. We give the best support to make sure you have the best background.

Step 3

* You can go to the internet and search for some themes that you like and apply for your customized one…

Step 4

* Paint or Google Drawings is the basic tool for you to use to add some additional funny, attractive things. However, Photoshop is the best way to make design look cool!

* If you are starting from scratch and good at Photoshop, I recommend applying this way in order to have the best design.

* There are many free beautiful templates on the internet that you can use.

Step 5

* Lastly, to add to the background, and to have the amazing one, you may have to change the color scheme of the channel.

* And good luck!

There are many steps to make your own cool theme, but you need to have a basic knowledge about Photoshop and some basic skills of design. This won’t take much time. However, the only way to have good theme is downloading free basic themes or templates. Or let us help you at small price.

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